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PeopleBuilders is unique – not only do we work with organizations to develop paths to self-sufficiency for families but we also work with families to guide the development so that it actually works!

Some examples include:

  • My Sistah’s Keeper MSK - a women's empowerment initiative

  • Community Hubs Model - developing community leaders to impact change

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People Builders has the relationships, real-life experiences, and real-time analysis of how programs can be successful. Without these relationships and understanding in communities that an organization or leader serves, a program cannot be developed to support the needs of families adequately


 Addiction education and seminar presentations along with certified NARCAN training means recovery outreach includes the addict and the family. Using the PeopleBuilders' Behavioral Modification Diversion Model - "My Destiny is Up to Me."



Whether advocacy is needed to address leaders on an issue such as safe housing or a family is in need of someone to patiently walk them through bureaucratic processes to obtain mental health support, PeopleBuilders is here for the People! The goal is to ensure they are at the table where decisions are being made about them.


In a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Community Liaison initiative for Friends of Alice Cain, People Builders led an advisory group of local leaders of color to develop recommendations for inclusive legislation development for education to the newly-elected Delegate of Annapolis District 30 A.


My Sistah's Keeper (MSK) - a women's empowerment initiative - is a powerful example of what can happen when communities decide to invest in their own. MSK graduates are advancing their education, developing businesses and leading their families and communities with the very tools and resources they gained in the program. 


People Builders has organized many listening sessions across Annapolis and Anne Arundel County to begin the process of building and deepening relationships with communities and local leaders for fair and safe housing, addiction recovery and educational equity. 

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