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Our Mission is Life

People Builders Consulting is a living organism that seeks to nourish, intrigue and challenge individuals and organizations to become examples of excellence worthy of duplication that results in a steady stream of ‘life serum’ that enables the invisible to become visible and the impossible to become possible.


Our Vision is Two-Fold

Families will develop a plan of empowerment to transition from government dependency to economic self-sufficiency.


Organizations will develop programs that deliver social and educational resources for families to transition from government dependency to economic self-sufficiency. The services will be delivered through community leaders that reside within each participating community with a focus on public-private and subsidized housing communities.

About Toni Strong Pratt

Toni Strong Pratt is a daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother, bonus mother, friend and lifelong resident of Annapolis, MD. She is also a home and business owner, advocate and community organizer who wakes up every day committed to fueling change with inclusion.


Toni has helped lead the fight in Annapolis for adequate housing, opioid recovery, public safety and educational equity. Toni has been part of launching initiatives to bring diverse communities together and build leaders in communities where others have given up. She founded People Builders Consulting with the understanding that families can transition from government dependency to self-sufficiency with the proper strategies and challenges non-profits, government agencies, organizations and faith communities to do the same.

Toni is a sought-after speaker and leader whose expertise and experience brings passion and a fierce commitment to challenge everyone to make the world more equitable and supportive for all.


Read: Three things you didn't know about Toni Strong Pratt, Capital Gazette, June 2020

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