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CREATING CHANGE......One woman, man, family, and household at a time!

People Builders Consulting (PBC) is solutions-oriented and tackling some of the hard issues of the environmental injustices in our communities! We are not just talking –we are finding and creating solutions!

Housing instability is one of the contributing factors to community violence. Whether it be poor housing quality, inadequate housing, not understanding how to effectively take care of my house, or just the overwhelming responsibility of having a home! Hopelessness sets in! Not being able to pay rent because of different factors, and not knowing how to effectively clean because, generationally, I never was taught properly. All these lead to frustration, anger, and a sense of the “I don’t care attitude!”

We DO care and will see you soon in 2024! Our newest program will target financial wellness, environmental challenges, housekeeping, tenants' rights and understanding your lease and compliance. Don’t sign unless you read and understand!

This copyrighted program is coming to a community near you! We are not waiting on the government to create solutions for us.....we are doing it ourselves together!

Special thank you to our team of professionals and our clients for believing in us!

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