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The MSK (My Sistah's Keeper) Women’s initiative guides women to address and overcome unresolved trauma, set and reach goals in a community of supportive relationships so they can reach their full potential and transition from dependency to self-sufficiency.

In 8-sessions, participants will:

  • Commit to attending all 8 sessions (and an offsite team-building event) where they will engage in training on: 

    • Self-reflection

    • Identifying unresolved childhood, generational or systemic trauma

    • Healthy conflict resolution.......and much more!

  • Complete a motivational interview process and set smart goals they will achieve by the end of the sessions

  • Work with a “Guider” - a woman who will encourage and challenge each participant during their MSK experience and several months after to ensure accountability in reaching their goals

  • Learn from mental health professionals and trained facilitators how to transform their lives


My Sistah's Keeper

MSK Success

As of March, 2023, PeopleBuilders celebrates the completion of the 5th cycle of MSK:

  • 75 women have enrolled

  • 93% graduation rate

  • Partcipants accomplishments and goals reached:

    • Moved out of public housing

    • Became homeowners

    • Reunited with children in foster care

    • Provided children with services

    • Enrolled in school to get a GED, technical certificate or college degree

    • Mental health wellness and recovery

    • Started businesses, obtained new jobs and promotions

    • Addressed domestic violence

    • Advocating for themselves and their children in systems like housing and education

    • Voting and civic engagement

The list goes on! If you are interested in participating, partnering or funding the MSK program, contact PeopleBuilders today!


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